Pokemon Can Make You Rich?

What has young people leaving behind their T.V.’s and Netflix and going outside and gathering in parks and at monuments across their city?

streetThey’re not protesting or socialising. They’re playing Pokemon Go.

You’ve probably seen stories or memes about Pokemon Go online and in the news. It is an app that uses GPS and smartphones to track the player in the real world.

When you play the game you see a map of your immediate area. As you walk Pokemon pop up on your phone and you’re given the chance to catch them. Once you’ve caught a Pokémon you can train it and fight with other players.

But to find Pokemon you have to actually walk around outside. And to fight other players you have to go to public places where others are gathered.

You would think that a generation of people that grew up having access to any game or information they could want only a few clicks away wouldn’t want to go outside and walk to play a game.

But you’d be wrong.

So many people have downloaded the game that Nintendo’s stock value spiked, adding $7 billion in value.

But you probably aren’t going to see any of that money, so why should you care?

Pokemon have been around since the 90’s. But they’ve always been a card game or regular video games.

When they were combined with modern technology they became worth billions to Nintendo and you can boost the value of your career the same way.

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