IPhones. 3D Fingerprints. And A Unique Way To Make A Fortune Online

Do you remember the controversy between Apple and the FBI earlier this year?

After the San Bernardino attacks the FBI needed to look inside one of the attackers IPhones which was protected with a password.

They asked Apple to design a way for them to hack the phone, but Apple refused.


Because they believed that the potential harm of what they were asked to make to personal privacy was to great.

This resulted in a legal battle that only ended when the FBI found another way to get into the phone.

So when a police department in Michigan needed to get inside a murder victim’s phone, they thought they were out of luck.

After all, if the FBI couldn’t get Apple to hack into a phone how were they supposed to?

But then the police thought outside of the box.

dream catcher

The phone was a newer model that had a fingerprint scanner, so they went to the University of Michigan where computer scientists are leading the way in 3D printing technology.

They asked the students and teachers there to print them a 3D fingerprint and with the fingerprint they would be able to open up the phone.

The case is still ongoing so no one knows if it worked, but what matters is that one average police department did something the FBI couldn’t.

All because they thought of a different way to open up a phone.

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