Rocks, Ropes, and Riches: Why You Need More Leverage


The art of multiplying your effort.

See, the wisdom of the world says that “little effort produces little results.”

But the wise know better.

Little effort USUALLY produces little results.

dog crapBut not always.

When you have the right machine, the right tool, the right ‘know-how,’ the right timing…

Everything changes.

All of the sudden, MASSIVE results can be accomplished with minimal effort.



Say you’re tasked with lifting a huge rock out of a hole. It weighs 1 ton. All you have is a rope, 20 friends, some wheels, steel poles, and couple odds and ends.

What would “worldly wisdom” tell you to do?

Tie the rope to the rock, and get your friends to start pulling. “Just do it.”


Suppose you rigged up a pulley system. Maybe one of your friends is an engineer. Within an hour, he could build you a pulley system that would multiply your effort, minimize the danger, and move the rock out of the hole with ease. That’s leverage.

Too often we just tie the rope to the rock and start pulling.

When there are tools standing by that COULD be used to multiply our effort, cut down on costs, and accomplish 2x, 5x, or 20x more than everyone else.

MTTB equips you with an array of tools:

-Done-for-you selling
-Done-for-you products
-Done-for-you customer service
-Done-for-you order fulfillment…

21 STEPAnd in 21 steps, MTTB SYSTEM helps you organize all those tools into a nice ‘pulley system.’

Go through the 21 steps, one by one, and you learn how to use these tools to start generating BIG commissions online.

Starting a home business is a big rock to lift.

But you don’t HAVE to tie the rope to the rock and just start pulling.

For $49, and with 21 hours of your time, you can rig up a nice “pulley system” for starting your business.

Get the power of LEVERAGE working for your business by going through these steps: