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What’s the longest work of fiction ever written?

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Most works of fiction don’t reach 100,000 words.

For perspective War and Peace has nearly 600,000 words.

An extremely long novel would have around a million words. But that’s nowhere
near the longest.

Because the longest work of fiction has 3.5 million words.

But it’s not an epic tale from the Greek mythology or a classic story at all.

It’s a Super Smash Bro’s fan fiction.

video gameSuper Smash Bro’s is a video game where several famous video game characters
fight each other. A few fans like the game so much that they created a story that
involved all the characters from the game.

And 3.5 million words later they are still writing.

But why should you care and how is this going to help you work from you computer?

Because most people would think that the longest fiction ever written was classic
literature from long ago. But it’s not.

In the same way most people think that if you want to be successful you have to
work behind a desk 9-5 for years and work your way up to a corner office on the top

But that’s not true.

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