A Microwave And A Satellite Dish Can Make You Rich

For the past 17 years the Parkes Observatory massive satellite dish received strange
signals that confused the astronomers who worked there.

satteliteThe observatory monitors signals from space so people’s minds immediately turned to
aliens sending signals.

And no one was able to explain it for 17 years!

But recently the scientists found out the source of the signal.

It turns out that if the satellite dish was pointed in the right direction and someone opened
a microwave door while it was cooking food in the observatory the dish would pick up a

Suddenly 17 years of speculation went out the window.

Because no one thought that a giant satellite dish might pick up signals from a microwave
directly beneath it.

But what do a giant satellite dish and a microwave have to do with you?

The answer to the scientists question was right in front of them the whole time. But it
took them 17 years to figure it out!

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It’s the internet.

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