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The solution to all your traffic “problems”

Traffic-Generator-Pro-packageTraffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

But there are 3 problems that no one ever talks about:

– Traffic methods are constantly changing – You need somewhere PROVEN to send your traffic – You’re losing money if you don’t build an email list

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How to Create Cash at Will

Imagine being able to press “send” on an email to your list and earning $10,000 in commissions in less than 24 hours…

… $10,000 that came in automatically while you went about your day
… $10,000 that you earned for about 5 minutes work!

waterfallThat’s the power of an email list.

Now, if you’re new to online marketing, this scenario may seem far-fetched.

But I guarantee you… it’s not.

Matts guaranteeMatt Lloyd and lots of others do this all the time, and it’s not as hard as you think.

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All you need is a “system” for getting traffic and sending it to your lead-capture pages.That “system” is called Traffic Generator Pro and here’s how it works…

email-marketing-101– You get simple (and proven) ways to easily generate quality traffic (even if you have zero experience online)

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Let’s Be Honest About Making Money Online

How do you know if someone is telling the truth or not?

You ask them questions.

It sounds simple. But you’d be surprised how man people don’t understand that.

Take the employees of a Burger Kind near Minneapolis for example. They got a call from
a fireman that said if they don’t bust out the windows of their restaurant then the place
would explode.

They didn’t ask the caller if he was a really a fireman. They just busted out the windows.

busted windowAnd believe it or not this happens all over.

A Burger King in California got the same prank call. But instead of just busting out the
windows the manager went as far as running his car into the building.

Causing $35,000 in damage to the restaurant.

But unless you work at a Burger King why should you care?

Because when people get tricked they can’t trust anything again.

dog crapMost people think that Internet companies must be a scam because someone they know
got burned when they signed up for one.

But that doesn’t mean that all Internet companies are bad. And if you believe that you
could be missing out on a fortune-making machine called MTTB System.

But how do you know you can trust MTTB? You have to ask questions. Other companies
might be afraid of questions. But not MTTB.

So here are some questions and answer that might interest you:

How Does MTTB Work?

MTTB Affiliates are given ads that they place on websites like Craigslist and Facebook.

They then get the sales commissions.

Is MTTB  just another “get rich quick” scam?

No. MTTB is a proven system that has sent out over $25 million in commissions to
people who went through a training program and earned their money.

How do I know MTTB will really make me money?

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you’ll get the
$49 you give to join back plus a $450 bonus to say sorry. That’s a $500 safety net.

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The Best Way To Advertise Online…..

the brainMitch Newlin saw a problem that was costing college students money ever year and he did something about it that is going to earn him $70,000 this year. And he is just a junior in college.

And if you’re trying to use online marketing to earn a living then you can do the same thing he did but earn much, much more.

Here’s how.

When Newlin was a freshman he saw a big problem.

At the end of the school year his college charged students $50 if they left their mini-fridges behind. Which students always did because they had no use for a mini-fridge once they moved into a real apartment. The school dumped the fridges into a landfill.

It was an inefficient system.

But then Newlin used the system to his advantage.

He started buying fridges from students and selling them back to the people who were just moving into the dorms.

And now he has a full-fledged business before he even has a degree.

But how does this help you market on the Internet?

Internet marketing is inefficient because the Internet is so damn large. You can put an ad out there and there’s a small chance that who needs to see it will.

fishing netIt’s like fishing with a net in the middle of an ocean.

But there’s a system that uses the flaws of the Internet to your advantage just like Newlin did.

It’s called the Patriot Funnel System. Here’s how it works.

Instead of just letting your ad float around in the middle of the Internet PFS guides customers towards your ad. So you can reach all those customers that never even knew you existed before.

And boy does it work.

PFS will drop checks worth $3,300. $5,500. And even $10,000 into your bank account. And it will give you the tools to master Internet marketing.

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Proceed with Caution – When Your Online Marketing Can Get You in Trouble

Online marketing is a great way to make money in your spare time. Using the existing structure that the Internet provides is the new Gold Rush for many people.

cautionBut you have to be careful. Although the Internet is still largely unregulated – although that is changing –there are still ways you can get in hot water.

For example, if enough people mark your unsolicited emails as spam, you will eventually get banned on some of the biggest email providers … such as Yahoo and Gmail. If that happens, you are going to have to shut down your website and start over with a new one.

That’s not going to put you out of business, but it is a pain in the butt and will delay your efforts to get your business up and running. Plus there will be the additional expense of buying new domains, setting up new pages, re-establishing your autoresponder, not to mention the opportunity costs associated with being offline.

Laws Regulating Internet Commerce

Another thing to consider is that if you send emails to people who haven’t invited you to do so, you could be breaking the law.

There’s a law called the CAN-SPAM Act … it stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003 … that regulates commercial emails. This is the law that gives people the right to unsubscribe to any emails they don’t want.

So if somebody asks you to take them off your list, you not only want to do that because it’s good business, but because you may be subject to fines if you don’t do it. And the fines are per email violation, so they can add up fast.

This law also explains the requirements for what you can put in the subject line of your email, the “to” line and the “from” line, and other elements of email.

So buying leads may seem like a quick way to build your list, but in reality it can be expensive, leads to lower conversion rates, can be harmful to your reputation, and can even subject you to being banned or paying fines.

Be Careful Buying Leads

On many of the autoresponder programs, when you try to plug in the leads that you have purchased, you are going to discover that you can’t easily plug them in. So you may have to enter them manually, which is time-consuming and … given the low conversion rate … probably not worth the effort.

There are some email companies, however, that do let you import leads that you have purchased. These include MailChimp and Imnicamail. Both require you to have the relevant opt-in data, however.

When you import leads using these services and others like them, you have to make sure that the people have given the person you bought the leads permission to sell or give them to third parties.

In other words, you have to be able to prove that the leads have opted in to receive third party information. So that means in addition to the email address you also need to have the opt-in date, the website it was opted-in from, and so on.

Companies that sell leads legitimately are going to be able to provide you with all this information. Those that are less reliable are not.

So if the leads you buy are accompanied by this critical information, that’s one indicator that you are getting high-value, legitimate sales leads for your money.

Being careful and working within the law is important for any business, whether it’s online or in the real world. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about done-for-you system.

How to Get 1,000 New Subscribers in Just 2 Weeks

Probably the single most important task for any online marketer is list building. As you are probably aware, getting people to opt-in to your email subscription list is one of the most critical ways for you to build your customer base. It’s the leading portal into your sale funnel.

facebook funnelOnce traffic is being fed into your sales funnel … if you have high quality products, a great autoresponder and a good sales system … then the rest of your system is pretty much going to work on auto-pilot.

You are going to convert a certain percentage of those customers so that you can start driving revenues into your bank account.

Squeezing Every Penny from Your List

There are a lot of effective ways to build your list. There are lots of different ways to build your list. The first one we are going to talk about is something we have mentioned a lot but not really gone into a lot of detail: Squeeze pages.

A squeeze page is a website that you set up that offers something of value that people interested in your niche are going to want — except you give it to them for free in exchange for their giving you their email address. The squeeze page, or the opt-in page, is where you can offer such giveaways such as discounts and rewards, instructional videos, access to online webinars and other high-value/low-cost items.

As far as what you give away, it should be something that is going to be irresistible to your customers. For example, if your product is a series of videos on how to improve your golf game, the giveaway could be something like a short report that offers 10 tips on how to improve your backswing or your putting skills.

The keys to effective squeeze pages is that they are SEO optimized so people searching in your niche can find them, the giveaway you offer needs to be something they actually want and can use to improve their lives, and that the Call to Action is very clear: Give me your email and you get this great free product.

Sanctity of the Sales Page

Okay, the second way to build your list is to create sales pages. These are stand-alone websites that sell your product.

Like squeeze pages, sales pages need to be SEO optimized so they can be easily found online and their CTA needs to be crystal clear.

Because they are longer form, you have much more leeway on sales pages in terms of structure and content than you do with squeeze pages. Much will depend on the types of products you are promoting and the audience you are addressing. 

social media explodingExploiting Social Media to Build Your List

Social media platforms are critical to building your list because they are popular, inexpensive and powerful. Exploiting social media lets you promote your brand, product or business exponentially, rather than laterally, to rapidly build a network of customers who can then continue to promote your business for you.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous video, in today’s business environment, you need to have a strong presence on Facebook. It’s simply where customers are right now.

Once you have an account, identify your Facebook Friends who have the most Friends, then review their Facebook home pages, taking careful note of what groups they belong to.

Whenever they post a status update, always “Like” it and add a comment. Don’t stalk them, but be consistent in developing an interpersonal relationship with them.

Once you have a familiar online relationship, send them valuable content interspersed with promotions for your products When you post on their home pages, whenever they comment or “Like” your post, it will appear in all of their Facebook Friends’ pages.

List building is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about  done-for-you system.

Top Secret List Building Techniques that You Have Never Heard Of

jumpingThe key to beating your competition is always staying one step ahead. Here are three ways to expand the size of your subscription list and attract loyal, ready to buy customers that will give you the competitive advantage you need.


Twitter Time

Because of its immediacy, Twitter is the platform on which news is spread the fastest. Whenever something important happens in the world, Twitter erupts with activity. As a result, it also offers one of the best opportunities for going viral.

With Twitter, you only have 140 characters to work with, so you have no choice but to be direct and to the point.

To supercharge Twitter as a marketing tool, you want to build a huge list of people with an interest in your business’ niche. To do this, search for tweets about your niche and go to the profiles of people who have recently tweeted in this niche and look at their list of followers.

If they have a lot of followers, follow those people. In most cases, they will automatically follow you back. When they do, every time you tweet something, they will receive it and there is the possibility they will retweet it so that their followers will see it as well.

youtubeWelcome to the World’s Most Powerful Media

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing site, so that makes it a great place to build your list.

I like to create videos on YouTube that are like video squeeze pages … they offer information to viewers that they can actually use. Then at the end of the video, I invite them to give me their email address if they would like to get more helpful how-to videos.

The conversion rate on YouTube squeeze page videos is very high, so it’s absolutely a platform you should pursue to build your list.

How-to videos that are part of a series are more popular than those that stand alone, so if you have a 10 minute video providing high-value information to your prospective customers you would get more visitors if you broke it into three 3:33 minute videos.

A fast, easy way to build your list is to record any seminars or webinars you host. Break your webinar video into several files and create an online video series that YouTube users can subscribe to … or create your own YouTube channel.

Okay, now, these are free ways to build your list. Now I want to talk about a paid method. It’s called solo ads and it offers one of the most cost-effective ways to get high target customers on your email subscription list quickly.

Going Solo

Solo ads are ads you buy from other Internet marketers that they either place in their newsletters or send out a recommendation to their subscription list.

The benefits of solo ads is that you can find solo ad providers who specialize in the niche you are working in, so when they make a recommendation that their followers sign up to join your list you are getting people who have already bought products similar to yours … or have otherwise shown an interest or passion in you niche.

The other benefit is that solo ads are one of the least expensive paid marketing methods. They cost far less than Facebook Ads or Google Adwords or banner ads and so on, yet they give you some of the most targeted traffic you are going to find.

Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about done-for-you system.

Which Autoresponder to Choose

There are lots of autoresponders out there. All of them will make managing your lists easier, but some of them are better than others. There’s one autoresponder that I want to mention that not only offers some of the best services and options, but is also a great deal.

Usually, you get what you pay for when you buy something on the net. For example, there are inexpensive and even free autoresponder programs available that you can download. But what happens when something goes wrong or malfunctions?

brokenYou are on your own in terms of service. And remember, your autoresponder is the tool you use to manage your list. So if your autoresponder is down, you are essentially out of business.

Okay, so what you need is an autoresponder that is going to be both affordable and give you great value for the money.

The Best Autoresponder Available Today

The one I recommend is by Aweber. They have a comprehensive autoresponder program that gives you a whole array of services. In fact, it gives you everything you need to manage your list no matter how large it gets.

(Incidentally, I’m not affiliated with Aweber in any way and I don’t promote the brand because I get a commission for every person I refer. You won’t find an affiliate link here. I simply think it’s the best one out there. End of story.)

What Aweber Will Do for You

In addition to sending out your emails according to the schedules you determine, the Aweber autoresponder lets you create sub-groups so that you can direct different sets of emails at different groups of customers according to your campaign schedules.

It can send out emails in either HTML or in plain text, so your customers can read your emails regardless of what operating system they are using.

The Aweber autoresponder also includes an easy to use HTML editor and high speed email delivery, so you never have to worry about whether people are getting your emails on a timely basis.

Personalize Your Campaigns

It’s easy to personalize your emails using the custom fields the program provides and there are even pre-made template forms you can choose from if you want.

With the Aweber autoresponder, you can send out single messages as well as emails. It also provides unlimited follow-ups and an unsubscribe function in case your customers want to opt-out at any time. You’ll receive a daily delivery report, advance click tracking and reporting and even bounced message handling.

But, really, the best thing about the Aweber autoresponder and the reason I’m recommending it is its dependability and service. The company guarantees that the emails are going to be delivered to your customers when and how you need and if there ever is any problem, they are there for you right away to make things right.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

crashTake my word for it, there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting on hold with a service department or waiting for a service tech to email you back when your autoresponder has crashed. Every minute your autoresponder is not working is money you are not making.

But with Aweber you never have to worry about that happening. Their autoresponder is reliable and has one of the best performance histories in the business. Yet if there ever is a problem, you can rest assured that it is going to be resolved as quickly as possible so that your business can continue to make money and never be out of business.

That’s because Aweber owns its own data center, servers and fiber optics, so it isn’t reliant upon somebody else’s facilities. The company has been in business for more than 12 years and has an excellent reputation for quality products and highly responsive service.

Having a great autoresponder like Aweber will help make your business stronger. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about done-for-you system.

The 3 Fastest Ways to Fill Your Subscription List with Devoted, Ready-to-Buy Customers

I’ve talked previously about traffic generation, now lets look at a free traffic method, list building and email marketing. There are basically two ways to compile an email list of prospective customers: Paying somebody for one or compiling it yourself.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to contact highly targeted prospective customers who are ready and willing to buy your products. So paying somebody else for a list of random email addresses is pretty much a waste of money.

That’s because there’s no guarantee that the people on your purchased list have any interest whatsoever in the types of products or services you are selling. To waste hundreds of dollars buying such a list and countless hours generating an email campaign toward an indifferent customer base seems futile.

Building Your List

A better way is to create your own list of highly targeted potential customers who want to buy your products. When you use this list-building method, your email lists are comprised of the addresses of three key groups.

  • The first is people who have bought your products in the past.
  • The second is people who have expressed an interest in the types of products you sell.
  • The third is people who have agreed to give you their email addresses in exchange for something free that they value.

Your existing customers are likely to be open to purchasing more products from you in the future. This is why it is important to capture and retain the email addresses of every person who has ever bought anything from you.

Tracking Your Customers

trackIt’s also helpful to keep track of what specific products and product categories they purchased.

Repeat customers are one of your biggest sources of potential revenue. That’s because you already have established a positive relationship with them. You can continue to exploit that trust bond indefinitely, as long as they are happy with the products you promote.

The second key group is people who have expressed an interest in the types of products you sell. These are the people who are going to arrive on your web page via links from Facebook Ads, banner ads, links embedded in other web pages and similar gateways.

The third highly effective method for getting motivated customers to visit your page is to give them “something for nothing”.

Why You Need a Squeeze Page

Usually, this is done in the form of a “squeeze page”. A squeeze page is a web page in which you offer visitors something of value – a free report, an informational video, an eBook – in exchange for their email address. The content that you give away should offer something of value related to your product niche.

When it comes to email subscriber lists, there are two schools of thought. The first says that bigger is better. The more people you have on your list, the better chance you have of selling to them. Even if only a small percentage of the people on your email list actually buy anything, you still stand to make a profit.

But bigger is not always better. While it’s true that you may sell to a small percentage of your list, what happens with the majority percentage of people who are being bombarded with emails from you about products they don’t want?

One Word: Spam

Your emails eventually will be directed to their spam folders and your website could be targeted as spam and banned from the major internet providers. If that happens, your online store’s reputation can suffer serious damage.

A better idea is to create a squeeze page and optimize it so that it appears on least on the front page of your niche’s SERP, if not in the top spot.

Developing customer loyalty is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about  done-for-you system.

4 Secrets Techniques for Getting Your Customers to Follow Your CTA Every Time

Customers always prefer it if you are clear about what you want them to do. They don’t like to have to guess your intentions.

For example, in a sales letter you shouldn’t suggest, but demand how your reader should act. This is referred to as the Call to Action (CTA) and it is the most important part of your sale letter. Everything preceding your CTA should be pushing your reader into taking the action you want them to take: Namely, to purchase your product.

The CTA must be very clear and very direct. There needs to be no ambiguity as to how you want your prospective customers to act. It is a critical point in the flow of your sales letter. If there is anything confusing or not crystal clear in your CTA, you risk losing your customer forever.

Demanding a Response

In your CTA, you don’t want to ask your customers to buy your product. You want to demand that they buy your product by presenting it as the only possible solution to whatever product they are experiencing. After you set up the problem, introduce your product as the solution, explain the benefits they will receive if they purchase your product, offer social proof that explains how your product has already improved the lives of others or received the endorsement of authoritative people, offered bonuses to add value to your offer, and offered an unconditional guarantee, there should be no other course of action for them but to buy your product.

Often, the phrase “So what are you waiting for?!” is used right before the CTA. This is often the final push your prospective customers need to act on your clearly-defined CTA: To click on the link to buy your product NOW!

It’s All in the Formatting

Your sales page should be immediately identifiable as a sales page. So you want to avoid strange or unusual formatting that your readers may find off-putting. It’s a good idea – for a lot of reasons – to look at the sales pages your competitors are using.

You can often get formatting ideas from these pages. Another option is to run a Google search on high-converting sales pages and then “borrow” the formatting of those pages for your own. If they are already working for somebody else, those formats probably will work for you as well.

Picking the Best Colors and Fonts

Use standard, neutral colors and familiar fonts on your sales page so that you don’t alienate your visitors. Remember, when they arrive on your page, they are not yet familiar with your product. Do whatever you can to set them at ease.

Video sales letters are another option for you to consider. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to create high-converting videos. Your laptop or PC probably already has a built-in camera. It may even be high definition.

If you choose to use a video sales letter – or include a short video on your sales page – write a script that includes all the key elements of your sales letter because the sales techniques are the same for video as they are for text.

Closing the Deal

passion led usIf your CTA is clear and forceful, your pricing provides a lot of perceived value and is neither higher nor lower than your competitors, and you have engaged your reader on an emotional level to prove that your produce is something they can’t live without, then your sales letter will convert                                                                                                                                           well.

Understanding how to get your customers to follow your CTA will only help increase your sales. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about done-for-you system.