The Worst and Best Way To Make Money

What’s the worse thing you could do to make money?

Rob a bank? Steal from your mother’s purse? Run a Ponzi scheme?

One couple in China topped all those and then some.

A young couple had a baby unexpectedly. Not having much money they looked for ways
to make extra money.

But they didn’t take on extra jobs or sell their couch.

empty cribThey sold their daughter.

Yes. They posted her online and then met up with a buyer and sold her like she was an
Ikea bookshelf.

The worst part is that they planned on using the money to buy things like an iPhone and a motorcycle.

What does this have to do with you?

People do unbelievable things for money. And while you won’t be selling any children
you have soon you might have to take on a second job or cut that grocery budget in half
just to stay afloat this month.

But you don’t have to anymore!

Because this is how you will make thousands of dollars every week while working
from your computer.ITA18FXIBL-150x150

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