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Make A Fortune Writing Like The Best Writer’s

It’s not surprising that to be a writer you have to write.

A lot.

But just how much the best writer’s in the world write every day might surprise you.!

And tell you how you can make thousand dollar commissions from your own computer every week.

receive moneyHere’s why.

Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day. That’s about 10 pages a day.

Can you imagine writing 10 pages every day? Plus those 10 pages have to be written well if you want to make any money.

But other writer’s do even more than that.

Maya Angelou wrote 2,500 words a day. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 3,000 words a day.

And Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) wrote 10,000 words a day.

Other than telling you, that you don’t have a future as a writer how does all this help you?

As much as it sounds like these writers love to spend their whole day writing. They don’t.
Kate DiCamillo said, “I never want to write, but I’m always glad that I have done it.”

Writing is just as hard for these writers as it is for you. But they slug through it because
they know the result is worth the hard work.

That’s why they are able to write thousands of words every day.

And if you are working behind a desk for hours day after day and not getting a paycheck
that makes it worthwhile don’t be surprised if you wake up and dread going to work.

Because if the end result of writing wasn’t worth it to the writers we wouldn’t have any
books. They would quit.

So why haven’t you quit?

playingWhatever answer you have reconsider it. Because MTTB SYSTEM can change your life.

MTTB is a user-friendly online system that allows members to place ads online and
receive the sales commissions from the ads.

Sales commissions that can be worth thousands of dollars.

MTTB is not only easy to use because it’s a simple system. But because you will be
working for commissions worth thousands.

When that type of money is rolling in every week just try not to be excited to sit down
and work.

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The Worst and Best Way To Make Money

What’s the worse thing you could do to make money?

Rob a bank? Steal from your mother’s purse? Run a Ponzi scheme?

One couple in China topped all those and then some.

A young couple had a baby unexpectedly. Not having much money they looked for ways
to make extra money.

But they didn’t take on extra jobs or sell their couch.

empty cribThey sold their daughter.

Yes. They posted her online and then met up with a buyer and sold her like she was an
Ikea bookshelf.

The worst part is that they planned on using the money to buy things like an iPhone and a motorcycle.

What does this have to do with you?

People do unbelievable things for money. And while you won’t be selling any children
you have soon you might have to take on a second job or cut that grocery budget in half
just to stay afloat this month.

But you don’t have to anymore!

Because this is how you will make thousands of dollars every week while working
from your computer.ITA18FXIBL-150x150

MTTB >>> My Top Tier Business is a user friendly system that allows you to make thousands of dollars every week
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You won’t spend a dime on gas for your commute. You can get lunch from your own fridge everyday.

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anything else.

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Solving Problems – The Key to Understanding What Motivates Your Customers

foodPeople usually buy products to solve a problem that they are having: They buy food because they are hungry, they buy an education because they want to advance their career, they buy a car because they want to drive around and/or impress their friends.

Presenting a problem is therefore the first part of any marketing email. The problem presented in your email is simply whatever your product will solve.

A Real-World Example

For example, let’s assume your affiliate product is an eBook that teaches how to talk to the opposite sex. The problem then would be that the customer is shy, doesn’t know how to meet people, and is afraid that they are going to grow old and die alone as a result.

Frequently, the presenting the problem is done in the form of a series of questions:

  • Do you get tongue-tied when it comes time to meet women?
  • Are you spending your Saturday nights sitting at home watching television because you can’t ask women out on dates?
  • Are you afraid that you will be a lifelong bachelor because of your anxiety around the opposite sex?” 

Offering Solutions

Next comes introducing your product as a solution to the problem. This gives your prospective customers hope that they can enrich their lives and remove this obstacle simply by purchasing your product:

“Introducing ‘How to Speak to Sexy Women: A Comprehensive Guide’ ”

After introducing your product, you want to explain the benefits your product has to offer your customer. These are different than your products features, which are a list of things that it includes.

This is actually a very important distinction: Benefits describe how your product will improve your customer’s life, how it will not only solve their problem but make them a better person. With this hypothetical product, for example, the benefits might include:

  • Win the woman of your dreams and begin a long and happy life with your new family.
  • Impress your friends and relatives with your confidence and self-esteem
  • Become more attractive to all women and increase your sex appeal

Benefits are a better way to promote your affiliate product than simply listing its features. That’s because it give your potential customer the opportunity to imagine themselves as being a better person for having purchased your product.

A good way to remember it is like this: Features SELL but benefits TELL.

If you are offering any special bonuses or guarantees, they can be listed next. Or if you are directing your email recipient to a sales page where the text builds up to the bonuses and guarantees, it may be a better idea to simply wait until they get there so that it have more impact.

The Critical CTA

The most important part is your Call to Action (CTA). You need to be crystal clear on exactly what it is you want your reader to do.

There can be no ambiguity whatsoever. If it is to visit a sales page, then state that clearly. If it is to buy a product, tell your customer to do exactly that. Don’t hint, obfuscate or beat around the bush. There’s no time for that and your customer won’t appreciate it. Be direct.

“Get Your Copy of ‘How to Meet Sexy Women’ and Start Changing Your Life TODAY!!”

The final part, and perhaps the most important, is the affiliate link. If you forget to include this link, you have wasted the time of your customer because they can’t get to where you want them to go.

Make a point of double checking every email you send to make sure it has an outgoing affiliate link to the web page where your customers can buy the product you are promoting. And test that link every time. One little misspelling or a period in the wrong spot can derail your entire sales process.

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Essential Elements of Email Swipes and How to Put Them to Work for You

When you promote affiliate products, in many cases the person actually selling the product is going to provide you with the text you can simply copy and paste into your email. But sooner or later you probably are going to have to create some emails yourself. And even if you don’t, it’s important that you understand why the emails you send out are structured the way they are.

As an affiliate marketer, you are sending an email to the people on your list because you want them to do something: In most cases, purchase your products.

Given the quantity of emails most people receive, it is unlikely that your recipients are going to be willing to spend much time reading all the way to the end of your email. In fact, in most cases you will be lucky if they open it at all.

pointingGetting to the Point

In a sales letter, for example, you have the luxury of several pages to build excitement for your product.

In contrast, with a print ad you have only a moment to use images and tag lines to grab your viewer’s attention. A marketing email falls somewhere in between.

Like a sales letter, the purpose of your marketing email is to drive your reader toward a Call to Action … or the CTA. In other words what it is you want them to do. Unlike a sales letter, you don’t have much time to get them there before their attention wanes. As a result, in many ways a marketing email is like an abbreviated sales letter.

Elements of an Email Swipe

The elements of a sales letter and marketing email are the same:

  • Greeting
  • Presenting a Problem
  • Offering Your Product as a Solution
  • Listing Your Product’s Benefits
  • Special Offers and Bonuses
  • Call to Action
  • Link to Product Web Page

The greeting should be simple and straight-forward. If your target audience is a specific group, feel free to reference the group in your greeting:

Dear Internet Marketer:

Your autoresponder program will let you automatically include your recipient’s first name in the greeting, such as:

To: Alice Walker


Dear Alice,

If your autoresponder offers this option, use it because it makes the email more personal.

flowerKeep It Simple

You also want to always make sure the content of your email is interesting and on point. Don’t digress or swerve off onto other subjects. Remember that your recipient is receiving dozens, even hundreds of emails per day and they probably are only going to send a few moments on yours, if they open it at all.

Grab their attention early … starting with the subject line … then set up the problem that is relevant to your affiliate product niche and keep the email moving briskly toward the CTA. Your goal is to grab their attention and hold onto it throughout the body of the email so they will keep reading.

In most cases, the email should be no more than one page or a page and a half at most. Try to limit your content to less than a dozen paragraphs, if possible.

So know you know how to create an effective promotional email that is going to convert your customers to buy the affiliate products you are promoting.

Knowing how to effectively use email swipes to keep pushing your customers past the buying point is critical to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about My Top Tier Business.

Making Genuine, Long-Lasting Connections with Your Customers: A Primer

connectionOne of the hardest parts of running your own online marketing business is making genuine connections with your customers. Once you can build trust, you can develop a list of loyal customers who will buy from you again and again.

You can outsource your list building by hiring an inexpensive telemarketing service or by hiring a virtual assistant at one of the freelance hiring websites, such as ODesk, Guru or Elance.

Here you can find lots of skilled, talented people who are willing to do the grunt work of finding leads for you organically for very little money. The best part is you can set a budget for the job you want done and then let prospective contractors bid on the job.

Then you can simply hire the person, give them the parameters of the job you want done, set a deadline and let them go to work. Usually, the freelance hiring site will take care of all the administrative tasks for you, like supervising their work and making sure you get what you paid for.

Where to Buy Leads Safely

If you are going to buy leads, just about the only safe places to buy lists from are reputable solo ad providers.

Buying solo ads is the best way to get around the risks associated with buying lists. That’s because when you buy a list form solo ad from a provider, you already know that the people on that list want to hear about the types of offer you are promoting.

They already know the provider and have agreed to receive their emails, so they aren’t going to mark your emails as spam, in all likelihood. They also probably aren’t going to delete your email out of hand.

Benefits of Ad Swaps

crowdAd swaps are another legitimate way to accomplish the same objective that you are attempting to achieve with buying lists … namely, getting your sales message in front of an entirely new group of prospective customers who are open to the types of products you are promoting.

Except with solo ad and ad swaps you don’t have to worry about the dark downside that comes with buying lists.

Think about it. Let’s say you have purchased products from an Internet marketer in the past and look forward to receiving emails from that person because they consistently provide you with things you can use … either free information you can use or offers that of are interest to you.

That marketer sells a solo ad to another marketer, so you get an email from them that says, “Hey, check out this internet marketer. They have great products and offers and I highly recommend them.”

The email comes with a link to your squeeze page or an opt-in box right there on the email. Either way, you probably are going to opt-in to that marketer and be open to receiving emails from them. You probably are going to pay attention to their offer and, hopefully, act on it and get something of value.

Contrast that with getting an email from that very same marketer who has purchased our email address from a list clearinghouse. It could be exactly the same offer that you received via the solo ad route … same subject line, same text, same everything.

But in all likelihood you are going to delete that message without reading it simply because it was unsolicited.

Getting People to Trust You

People aren’t going to open your unsolicited emails because there’s just too much risk with computer viruses and other malware these days to open emails from people you don’t know. The last thing anybody wants is for their hard drive to crash.

So instead of buying lists from companies you don’t know, the better option is to buy solo ads from people you trust and who can put you in touch directly with the types of customers who already are going to be open to buying the types of products you are promoting.

Building genuine loyalty bonds with your customers is essential to your long-term success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about  My Top Tier Business.

Common Internet Marketing Mistakes You Probably Already Have Made

Internet marketers tend to be highly predictable. They often make the same mistakes over and over again, especially when they are starting out. How many of these mistakes sound familiar to you?

Don’t Push It

The first mistake most newbie affiliate marketers make is to try to market your products to people who don’t want them. This is why it is important to use “permission lists” only. Permission lists are groups of email addresses of people who have given you their permission … either explicitly or implicitly … for you to send emails promoting your products.

Examples of explicit permission would include lists compiled of people who respond affirmatively to your inquiry, “Can we send you more information about promotions and special offers for our products?” Implicit permission examples would include people who enter their email address on your squeeze page.

When you purchase an email list from somebody else, for example, you are paying for a list of indifferent customers.

If the list is big enough … such as thousands or tens of thousands of addresses … sending promotional emails to everybody on the list probably will result in a very small percentage of responses, possible 1 to 2 percent.

But the cost of reaching that small percentage of potential customers is alienating everybody else on this list by sending them emails they don’t want and can’t use. You risk being considered a “spammer” and dramatically decrease their willingness to consider any product you offer in the future.

Plus, as we have seen, it can get you banned by the big email providers and perhaps even prosecuted and fined for violating the law.

social media sites‘Social Media? It’s a Fad!’

The second most common pitfall is ignoring social media. This is actually quite common among established businesses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer some of the best ways to contact specific customer groups.

It also offers the ability to develop strong, interpersonal relationships with potential customers. That’s because these platforms tend to be more personalized and intimate than other more traditional marketing platforms.

For example, assume you have a Facebook page for your business that sells kits for converting your home to solar energy. The only people who are going to “friend” you on Facebook are people who are passionate about renewable energy sources, reducing them home power costs, and saving the environment.

Keeping Connected with Customers

You can nurture these customers by providing links to informative articles on the topic, hosting forums and web chats for people to share their ideas and resources, and even frequently posting pictures and videos about your personal life in order to establish a lasting bond.

Then, when it comes time to promote your specific products, your Facebook friends … or Twitter followers or LinkedIn contacts … will be very open to the idea of purchasing them because they feel as if they have a personal relationship with you.

Social media is often ignored by traditional businesses because they assume it is simply for entertainment purposes, is used primarily by younger people who are less willing to spend money, and takes too much time and attention to properly maintain. All three assumptions are dead wrong.

Facebook and Twitter are now considered one of the most effective ways to reach highly targeted prospective customers.

The average age of Facebook’s users has risen to 34 years old in recent years. And social media sites are simple to set up, fun to maintain, and free to use. Ignoring this growing marketing opportunity is a huge mistake because it is only expected to become more dominant during the coming decade.

Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

This is me on my cross country flight for my Commercial Rating! I landed in Sedona Az and I was pretty tired!
This is me, Vickie, on my cross country flight, for my Commercial Rating! I landed in Sedona Az and I was pretty tired!

Caveat Emptor – Watch Out for Internet Scammers When Buying Leads for Your Business


When you buy email lists, many of the less reputable sellers are getting the addresses they sell you buy scraping them off old lists, picking them off web sites, and collecting contact lists from conferences.

And some list sellers create their own squeeze pages and collect opt-ins, then turn around and sell them to other marketers.

The problem is that the people who opted-in did so for that company, not for yours. So when you contact them, they don’t know who you are and are more likely to mark you as a spammer.

Another problem is the way these lists are put together … hodge-podge, if you will … many of the addresses you receive are going to be misspelled, abandoned or even phony.

This is actually really common, so the legitimate companies that sell lists will usually give you a refund for these types of addresses up front. That’s another indicator that you are buying from somebody legit.

So when your autoresponder sends out your emails to these addresses, they are going to be kicked back. This is also a red flag to email providers like Gmail and Hotmail and it could cause them to block all future emails from you.

So once again you could find yourself having to start over again.

audienceKnow Your Intended Audience

Then there’s the ultimate objective of your email campaigns. Sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle.

Remember: The whole reason you are sending emails to prospective customers is to sell them your affiliate products.

When you send emails to people who don’t know who you are, haven’t asked you to contact them, and aren’t expecting to hear from you, how open do you think they are going to be to your sales message?

shot in the darkIt’s like taking a shot in the dark. That’s why the conversion rate is so low with purchased lists. And the risks are high.

So you are almost always better off simply building your list the organic way. While buying a list may seem like a shortcut, it’s generally too costly and too high risk.

And it can actually set your sales program back because if you get banned you have to start over anyway.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

How you respond when you get an email from somebody you don’t know?

Odds are, you didn’t even open it, but instead either deleted it right away or sent it to a spam folder. You don’t know what’s in that email. It could be a computer virus that is going to damage your computer.

At the very least, it’s an unsolicited offer that you are probably going to dismiss out of hand anyway.

So if even YOU aren’t going to open emails from people you don’t know, how do you expect other people to react when they get an unsolicited email from you?

social media explodingA better plan is to get your sales message in front of people by organically growing your list through squeeze pages, sales letters, SEO, social media marketing, blogging and all the other free methods we have discussed so far. Or to use the paid methods, such as PPC and other ads.

Being careful when dealing with people you don’t know is as important in business as it is in the rest of your life. Keep in mind that your customers aren’t familiar with you the first time you meet them, either. So you have to take steps to build their trust.

If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

4 Ways to Let Your Autoresponder Make Money for You on Auto Pilot

Once you have set up a system and start getting people to give you their email address — it could be on a squeeze page or on your blog page or however you do it — you are going to start to collect a LOT of email addresses. You will get so many, in fact, that it is going to be nearly impossible for you to manage them manually.

You don’t  have time to spend hours every day replying to email yourself, so what do you do? What You need is an automated program to do it for you!  What you need is an autoresponder.

Autoresponder Defined

An autoresponder is a program that automatically handles much of the administrative duties of maintaining your email marketing campaign.

Autoresponders will send out your email blasts to the people on your list, capture email addresses from prospects responding to your squeeze pages, distribute your free giveaways, and collect valuable data you can use to measure the success of your marketing plan.

Autoresponders can be programmed to send out a series of emails to the people on your list or to send emails only to pre-determined subsets of people, all based on a frequency and schedule that you control. You also can set up your autoresponder so that it flags addresses after a certain number of failed delivery attempts. This is helpful in cleaning up your list and keeping it up to date.

Automating Your Autoresponder

Most autoresponders also include the option to automatically insert your customer’s name in the body of the email. This makes it seem like you are personally sending the email to our individual subscribers.

Depending on the sophistication of your autoresponder, you can obtain a lot of data about the effectiveness of your email marketing program. Every program will tell you how many emails were successful sent, but more sophisticated autoresponders also can give you analytics on such things as:

  • How many of your customers actually opened your email
  • How many acted on your CTA and clicked through to your landing page
  • How many deleted your email without reading it
  • How many were sent to dead addresses
  • How long it took between the time the email arrived and the time it was opened or deleted
  • Other relevant information that is going to be helpful to you in fine-tuning your email marketing campaign.

Patterns will quickly emerge that tell you what types of emails your customers liked, and which ones turn them off.

Making the Most of Your Autoresponder

computer assistGenerally, what your autoresponder does is most of the administrative work for your business. It’s like having an administrative assistant, only one that doesn’t need a salary or days off.

  • Use your autoresponder to send out emails according to a specific schedule that you determine in advance.
  • Handle the distribution of an email series according to pre-defined parameters
  • Respond to emails from customers
  • Send out digital products
  • Automatically follow up with customers to check for satisfaction and ensure continued good faith business with them
  • And much, much more

For the online marketer, autoresponders aren’t a luxury. They are a necessity. There is simply too much to do for you to handle it all. Rather than paying somebody else, such as a freelancer, to handle it for you, hand it off to your autoresponder.

Making your autoresponder work for you will help give you more time to focus on more important aspects of your online marketing business. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my  done-for-you system.

4 Things You Absolutely, Positively Must Do Before Offering to Write a Guest Blog

Guest blogging on an established, successful blog is a great way to get your name out in front of an audience that already is devoted to your niche.

relaxing while on computerBut before you create your first guest blog, you need to put spend some time with Research and Development (R&D). The more information you can collect before the guest blog creation process begins, the more value your blogs will have for you readers and the easier they will be to produce.

The niche you work with is determined by the type of products you promote. Most Internet marketers have multiple niches. This provides them to flexibility to maintain multiple marketing platforms simultaneously.

Within the niche you choose, there are going to be leading bloggers who are established and have a loyal following of devoted readers.

Host Blogger Criteria

Identify the optimal host bloggers for your guest blogs by searching for blogs with a lot of:

  • Subscribers
  • Page views
  • Niche-relevant comments
  • Social approval signals such as Facebook “Likes”, re-Tweets and Google+ +1’s

Look especially for high profile bloggers with reputations as being authorities or experts in their field. Guest posts on these blogs will provide backlinks to your web pages that will cause the Google search engine to rank your pages higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your niche keywords.

Check to see if targeted host bloggers have any guest blogging guidelines that prohibit submissions or apply limitations on the type of content you can include.

Host Blogger Research

If you are satisfied that the blogger can give you access a large pool of high-target prospective customers, the next step is to familiarize yourself with their blog content.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time reading through every blog they’ve ever written. A sampling of their most popular blogs will be adequate to get a feel for their writing style.

Check to see if they archive their blogs according to category and make note of the category keywords they write about most frequently.

Identifying a Content Vacuum

Then try to identify a few topics within your niche that they have not written about before, have not covered fully or where there is an obvious need for more content development. If you are familiar with your niche, these topics will become quite evident.

Topics that have not been fully developed by your target blog host will become the focus for your guest blogs. You can improve your chances of having your guest blog offers accepted if you can offer your target host blog’s readers interesting, high-value content that they can use and that the host blogger has not fully explored.

In many cases, bloggers within your niche have avoided topics because they are not familiar with them or lack the expertise to write about them authoritatively. This can be helpful to you when approaching them with your guest blogging invitation because you can “sell” them on being able to provide content to their readers that they can’t provide themselves.

Developing Great Content Ahead of Time

Research the niche-related topics that you identified as not being previously covered by your host blog target in the same way you would research any other subject.

Use online searchers to learn more about your topic and then organize it in an outline form. Create general topics then fill these in with sub-topics. Create a framework that drives your reader from start to finish, providing informative, niche-centric content they can use throughout your guest blog.

excitementGetting an established blogger to say “yes” to your offer of a guest blog can only enhance your reputation and improve your online business. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about the done-for-you system.

The First Steps to Monetizing Your Sales Funnel…..

After working with affiliate marketing for a while, most online marketers have a basic understanding of how the process works.

Now we are going to do something a little bit different: We’re actually going to take the principles you have learned about creating sales funnels and actually walk you through the process using a real affiliate product that we are going to identify on Clickbank.

in the beginingIn the Beginning …

First, let’s go to Clickbank and look for a product to promote. It should be something that is within your comfort zone and in a niche you are familiar with.

Let’s say you have an infoproduct you have either created yourself or bought from another online marketer. It’s got a high conversion rate, an attractive gravity and pays a 75 percent commission on its sales price. Plus, if you are familiar with it, you can talk about it intelligently with enthusiasm.

The next step is to create some web pages where we can promote this product. There are two we are going to build — the squeeze page and the sales page.

Squeeze Pages

For the squeeze page we are going to need some sort of giveaway that our customers are going to find irresistible.

Let’s think for a moment about the types of people who are going to be searching for your product: People who want to learn how to create passive online revenue streams but lack the experience or knowledge to do so.

Now let’s think about what sorts of giveaway products they would find irresistible. How about a top 10 list of some kind that gives them actionable information they can use in their everyday lives?

You can either create this giveaway product buy a Private Label Rights product for ten dollars or less and reconfigure it as our own, or commission somebody to create it for you by hiring somebody on Elance, Guru, ODesk or one of the other freelance marketplaces.

Making the Offer

Okay so now we have our Lead Magnet. The next step is to load it onto our sales page and hook up our autoresponder so that when people opt-in, the autoresponder sends them the giveaway report and adds them to our email list.

At this point, the autoresponder needs to point the visitor to our sales page, which is the other website we have created to promote the product.

Again, the content of the sales page can be something we have created ourselves using the techniques we have learned from this course, or hired somebody else to write for us.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

What you don’t want to do is to simply use the sales copy that the affiliate seller give you verbatim because then your sales page may be exactly the same as other sales pages out there.

It’s also important that your sales page be SEO optimized so that people can find it through organic Google searches and other search engines.

Promoting Your Product through Email

two roadsNow we have two paths leading to our affiliate link: People who opt-in to the squeeze page are led to the sales page and people who find the sales page organically also have the opportunity to buy our affiliate product.

The next step is one of the easiest. We want to build our email series that is going to promote our affiliate product to our subscribers. For this, it is perfectly acceptable to use the swipe copy provided by the affiliate seller.

Or you can create your own swipe copy if you want. Or you can modify their copy any way you like.

The next thing we want to do is to create social media marketing. For one, that means including widgets on our sales page so that it’s easy for people to give social approval signals so that our page ranking improves.

Knowing what to do with the knowledge you’ve gained as an experienced Internet marketer is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about  done-for-you system.