Why Sitting On The Couch Is Different Now

What happened to the days when sitting around on your behind all day was a bad thing?

Remember when you were young and if you sat on the couch all day your parents would tell you to do more with your day?

man on a couchBut now if you go sit at a desk and work on a computer all day then you are doing a good job.

Heck. You could even say that you are working hard.

What changed?

What changed is that you grew up. And somewhere along the way sitting around all day went from being discouraged to encouraged.

Obviously you are not watching TV or playing video games all day. You are working and making money.

But is it really that much better?

You drag your feet through your commute and then you spend your whole day sitting in a chair mixed in with the occasional trip to the bathroom. Then you make it home and it’s either too late or you’re too tired to do anything buy climb into bed and start all over again.

Sure you are making a living. But is it worth it if you can’t stand the life you’re supporting?

At least you were enjoying yourself sitting on the couch.

sitting on a couchNow this email isn’t meant for, to tell you how you can sit on your couch all-day and still make money.

Although you will be able to.

It’s meant to tell you how you can make a hell of a living by working from your computer.

A living that supports you enough that you can spend a day on the couch or in bed binging in Netflix and not lose a second of sleep thinking about that you didn’t make any money that day.

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Vickie Charrier