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It Can Be Done…..

Hope everyone is doing well!

I’m back home from my trip to Texas! I loved being around my family and friends but the cold weather here in Texas made me really appreciate the warm California weather!

20160316_190245-1 (2)Now that I’m home, it’s time to get back to work! I’m in training for my Certified Flight Instructor Rating, I work part time at the airport dispatching airplanes and I also do internet marketing for MOBE products! Needless to say, I stay very busy!

I started Internet Marketing because I wanted something that would make me money while I’m flying! YES it can be done!

I don’t have a lot of time to sit on the computer all day and I’m telling you that MTTB assist you with everything you need!

You have your own personal coach, MTTB has people that make phone calls for you, which I don’t have time to make phone calls, I’m too busy with my flight training! And they have  online training that you can do, that helps you to create blogs, videos, webinars, emails etc!

After the initial setup, you can do your online marketing in just 45 minutes a day!

45 minute paydayNo Joke! It can be done!


I have a video for you to watch to show that you can do this in 45 minutes! IF  I can do it you can too!

Watch this video to find out how!

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Get Help with Your Blog

>see if any of this sounds familiar…

– I’m having a really hard time getting my blog started.
– I feel overwhelmed and confused about starting a blog.
– I can’t figure out what I should write about.
– I don’t understand how to get people to read my posts!
– How can I make money from my blog?

These are questions we hear daily and if you’ve been feeling stuck lately when it comes to building YOUR blog, chances are you’ve thought some of these same things.

stuck in lifeAnd, here’s what happens…Because you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you haven’t done anything. You’ve probably gotten busy doing other stuff and this whole “blogging thing” has been tossed aside.

It’s okay – I get it. But, my hope for you is that you don’t stay stuck.

I want to extend an opportunity to change all that – you and me – for the next 60 days so we can knock this thing out of the park.

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Watch that & then take action because those bonuses on that page will not last, we are closing down this opportunity and those who decide to commit to working hand-in-hand with me for the next 60 days are going to see major changes in their life.

No more feeling stuck and overwhelmed…sound good?

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To Your Abundance


P.S. Right now they are offering fast action takers a personal review of your blog PLUS 4 blog posts. I can promise you, you’re never going to see this offer of personal coaching again at such a low price. And, I’m also guaranteeing that if you listen and apply this training to your blog, you’re going to get results.

Read To Make A Fortune. Ignore To Stay At Your Desk!

Two roads are before you.

You don’t know where either of them will lead you.

All you know is that one road has been travelled more and one has not.

Which road do you take?

Chances are you have already chosen.

two roadsWhen you were in school did you study something that you knew would get you a job even though you were not interested in it? Are you working at a desk? Making a wage that keeps you afloat but doesn’t let you go anywhere?

Then you have taken the more traveled road and you are getting the same results as everyone else.

And honestly that’s what you deserve.

The road more travelled is for people who don’t believe that they can do something different and succeed. It’s for people paid more attention to what could go wrong instead of what could go right. It’s for people who don’t have a vision with the motivation to support it.

And right now that’s you. That’s why you look up at people who have made fortunes in ways you could never imagine and wonder, “how did they do it?”

Don’t feel bad. It happens to most people.

The answer is they took the road less travelled.

The road less taken is for people who were bold enough to say that they would be successful in a way that most people couldn’t pull off. It’s for people who have the strength to walk against the crowd. It’s for people who are not afraid to try something different and see where it goes.

singing in publicAnd now you have the chance to do the same.

At the end of this email is a link to learn more about MTTB. A system that will allow you to make thousands every week while working from your computer.

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How Much Is Your Time Worth….

Are you ready to never look at your wage the same way ever again? In a way that will make you want to change the way you spend every hour at work?

Here you go:

Whatever your employer pays you is how much your time is worth.

Now before you go out and support higher wages take a second and think about it.

Is the work you are doing worth a higher wage?

Of course your time is worth more than you are being paid. Time is the most valuable commodity you have. You can never make more time and with every passing second you are spending more of it.

clockEvery hour you spend at work is an hour away from your family. A hour away from doing what you are passionate about. An hour that you will never be able to spend again.

Makes you wish that time you put aside for work was making more money right?

Then it’s time to change things up!

It’s time to quit working a job that is only getting you what every one else is getting. Time to quit working when and where someone tells you too. Time to make what you are getting paid every hour worth what it really is.

And the good news is that at the bottom of this email is a link to a company where affiliates can make thousands every week. Work anywhere and anytime. And is unique enough to get you what everyone wishes they got.

It’s called MTTB and it’s a flat out moneymaker.

ITA18FXIBLWondering if it works?

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Vickie Charrier

The Simple Formula For Online Marketing Success

When it comes to running your own online business, the formula for success is surprisingly simple:

  1. Find a popular product that people want
  2. Create the structure that allows people to find the products you promote
  3. Turn on your sales engine and count your money

Yet while it may sound easy, executing such a strategy profitably is much more complicated. After all, if it were easy everybody would be an Internet millionaire!

art 1Finding the Right Products

The key to finding a popular product that people will want is identifying evergreen products. These are products that never go out of demand regardless of how the economy is doing or how many people have already bought them.

These include products that either offer solutions that can never truly be solved or that feed a customer base that is continually filling up with new customers. Examples include dog obedience, weight loss, and get rich quick products.

Internet Search Tools

Once you have identified an evergreen niche that you will be comfortable working in, it’s time to look for infoproducts that have the highest amount of prospective customers. To do this, we are going to use the free search tools provided by the Internet.

The first stop should be the Google Product Search ( This free site tells you what products within your chosen niche are hot right now. In other words, it tells you the niche infoproducts that have the greatest number of prospective customers.

The Amazon Bestsellers page ( is another great place to find niche product s with high demand. Plus, you can enroll in the Amazon Associate’s program and promote many of the products offered on the site as affiliate products on your web pages. Then, every time somebody clicks through from your page to Amazon and buys that product , you make a sales commission.

Other places to look for hot product s within your niche are the Alexa Internet “What’s Hot” page ( and eBay Pulse (

Niche Statistics for Infoproducts

While Google Product Search and Amazon Bestsellers will tell you what infoproducts consumers are looking for, that only gives you half the information you need to make your decision about what infoproducts to promote. The next step is to compile statistical data so that you can make an informed decision.

Researching Niche Statistics Online

You can find statistics on individual infoproducts within a niche by using the free Google Keyword Tool ( Start by entering some generic “product niche” terms, such as “dog obedience training”. You will then get an idea of the sort of terms and items people are searching for in that particular niche.

Sources for Niche Data

One of the best places to find statistical data on your niche to determine its popularity is Google Trends (

It will show you whether a particular niche is seasonal or whether it is an evergreen niche that has more staying power.

Using the free Google Trends tool, we can see for example that “dog obedience training” is an evergreen niche, while searches for “rose bouquet” tends to peak around Valentine’s Day.

Determining Maximum Value

After you have identified evergreen niches that have lots of potential customers, it’s time to find individual infoproducts within those niches that prospective customers are anxious to buy.

To do this, we must visit websites where we can browse affiliate infoproducts. Some of the most popular include:

Using the Internet’s free tools to identify evergreen niches then select products within those niches that you can promote for profit is the first step in the formula for online marketing success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about Matt Lloyds’  done-for-you system


Innovative Promotional Tools You Probably Haven’t Considered

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways for people to share ideas, engage in dialogue, and interact with others who share a common interest. They usually are short essays published online according to a regular schedule, such as daily or weekly, revolving around a particular subject, such as food, sports, raising children or any other topic.

bloggingCurrently, there are an estimated 450 million blogs being published on the internet. Blogs are free to create on blog hosting sites such as WordPress and Blogger, most of which also provide easy-to-use free tools and pre-made “themes” to make your blog look professional.

Blogs can include photos, videos, audio recordings, slideshows and many other forms of rich text. Bloggers sometimes make their blogs more interactive and entertaining by including polls and contests, and by encouraging their readers to leave comments and interact with them online.

Free and Effective Way to Connect with Passion Markets

Creating your own blog can be an effective way to promote your webpage because it’s an easy way to attract people who already are interested in your topic niche. By providing them with valuable information and rich content in your blog, you can build a relationship with your readers, ultimately directing them back to your website.

Plus, blogging is fun and interesting and you can quickly become immersed in a community of people who are friendly and knowledgeable about your niche subject.


Growing Power of Audio

Podcasting is a form of digital media consisting of a series of audio or video files usually all devoted to a certain topic. They can be created for free using the audio and video tools that are included with most newer computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones and can be distributed for free on iTunes, YouTube and other free distribution networks.

You can also send your podcast to a list of subscribers or post links to your podcasts on your web page or blog.

Like blogs, podcasts are an effective way to target people who share your passion for your niche subject, and can therefore be a great way to promote your website. Although some podcasts feature elaborate production — including professional-quality editing, musical scores and other production values – most are simply people talking into a microphone or video camera about a topic that interests them.

Unlike blogs, podcasts give you the opportunity to speak directly to your listeners or viewers. This can make it easier to engage them emotionally and show your personality, which can be an effective way of branding your website. Podcasts usually are played back later by users on iPods or portable viewing devices.

Video Blogging

During the early years of the internet, audio podcasts were the podcasting method of choice, but now with the near universality of video playback capabilities, video podcasts are becoming more popular.

check out one of the videos that I created:

This video will teach you how to create quick and easy YouTube videos


Join Online Communities

Join the Party

partyCreating a reputation for your online business is no different than building a brand for a brick and mortar business. As the business owner, you need to get out into your community and meet people. Look for organizations that are relevant to your business’ niche and become involved in their online communities.

Introduce yourself to as many people as necessary and be prepared to “sell” your website to them in a few short sentences. One of the best ways to make friends online – or in the real world, for that matter – is to offer to help the other person, instead of asking for something all the time.

If you offer to write a testimonial for their website, for example, or to provide a free sample of some of your products, they probably will be open to the idea of helping you in return.

receive moneyBe Nice, Get Paid

It’s also important to always be friendly and helpful to everybody that you encounter online because you never know who is going to be a potential customer. In most cases, the only point of contact people will have with you will be your online persona, so make sure you are consistently outgoing and always offer to assist people in whatever way you can.

Once you join online communities, find out what you need to do to get into positions of leadership. Not only will this help build your reputation and add to your resume, but it will put you in a position to make policy decisions that can be beneficial to your website and business in the future.

When it comes to online marketing, finding motivated prospects are crucial. If you’d like to have access to even more helpful information, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about  done-for-you system.


Why “Just Do It” Is Mostly Wrong

Just do it!”

You hear that a lot. “Wanna make something happen? Just do it.” Act. Don’t spend so much time thinking… planning… preparing…

Just go for it. Don’t ask questions.

…and yet, it’s also said that the successful people are learners. They’re hungry for new information. Always growing. Always learning.

So which method is right? Should we be thinkers? Or doers?

Here’s the key:

You need to do both, but never at the same time.

Our brains (to simplify things) are wired to be in one of two modes: the thinking mode, or the doing mode.

the brainWhen you try to do both at the same time, THAT’s where you start running into problems.

Maybe you’ve done this before:

(1) Start a project
(2) Make headway
(3) Realize you’re not fully sure what you’re trying to accomplish
(4) Start thinking
(5) Get confused
(6) Don’t make any progress
(7) Get Frustrated
(8) Check Facebook

Isn’t that the worst? When you TRY to get stuff done… but just CAN’T seem to?

The solution here isn’t to “just do it.” You CAN’T just do it when you don’t know what you’re doing!

The problem is that you mixed up thinking and doing. You started doing… before you thought through what you were trying to do. And then you tried doing both at the same time. And that didn’t work.

Get clear on what you’re doing before you start. THEN just do it.

When you do that, you can blaze through work at lightning speed.

Make sense?

There’s a LOT involved in starting a home business. Lots of thinking, lots of doing.

There are so many approaches you can take. Pitfalls. Dead ends.

MTTB breaks it all down into 21 steps, and it separates the thinking and the doing.

It makes sure you get clear on WHAT you’re doing.

…So that you CAN just do it, without getting stuck and frustrated.

10,000+ entrepreneurs and internet marketers have found this system helpful in starting a home business.

It’s $49 to join the 10,000+.

And if you complete the 21 steps… and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get 10x your money back.

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Who Is Keeping You In Jail?

You’re sitting behind your desk at work. You’re paying bills and are disgusted by what little if any money is left over. You’re looking at your calendar and you notice how empty it is. Not because you have nothing to do but because all your time is tied up with working just to stay above water.

So, what’s holding you back?

break freeWhat’s the resistance?

What stands between you and that better life?

What is your resistance? Who is the jailer keeping your dreams locked up?

Security? Do you think leaving behind a corporate job from which you can get laid off at any moment is worthy resistance?

Reputation? Do you think a few puzzled looks from your friends as you try something new (that they don’t have the guts to try) is worthy resistance?

Time? Is not wanting to give up 30 minutes a day for just 21 days worthy resistance?

What resistance is holding you back?

Is that resistance worthy?

Is it a good enough reason to give up on your dreams of financial freedom?

releaseIf it is, then do NOT click below.

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Vickie Charrier