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Why you need to stop living with an ‘employee’ mindset

In a recent conversation, my friend said something really profound.

I don’t think I’ll forget it:

“Your life is like a business.”

business headlineI was confused at first. But my friend explained:

“Depending on how you live your life, it can grow. It can crash. It can flourish. Other people invest in it. It can be used to meet other people’s needs… or for your own profit.”

I stopped and thought about it. And it struck me—how many interesting parallels there are. Between businesses, and our own lives.

Then my friend asked a question:

“Are you living like you’re an employee, or an owner?”

THAT made me think. I’ve met lots of people who don’t really own their lives. They live like their lives are someone else’s responsibility.

They live with an ‘employee’ mindset.

When things aren’t going well, they blame. They complain. They don’t do anything to change the situation. Because, in their minds, their lives aren’t really theirs.

They’re just employees.

…but then there are owners.

These people are different. When their lives start going downhill, they take responsibility. They look for ways to improve. To change. To solve the problem.

Because they know that it’s their life.

So what about you? Are you owning your life?

Or are you just accepting the things you hate about your life…

-the long commute
-the lousy work
-the rat race
-the financial difficulties…

…as if it’s not up to you to change things?

What are you waiting for?

D9AE3D6D9AYou’re the owner. Take charge. Make a change.

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